Samsung Appliances at CES
Jan 6, 2012
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Samsung Electronics won 30 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 Innovation Awards, including an award for an LCD-panel app-fridge and an Eco-Design award for the first over-the-range microwave with an LED lamp. Products are judged in 36 categories in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Association's CES show, to be held Jan. 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Samsung also won awards for products in TV, home theater system, mobile phone, tablet, mobile PC, monitor, home appliance, SSD, LCD panel, and computer component categories.

Samsung’s RF4289 LCD refrigerator is designed to be the first fridge with kitchen-relevant apps on a WiFi-enabled 8-inch LCD touchscreen. Among the screen's capabilities, it allows users to:
• access recipe collections on Epicurious
• check weather on WeatherBug
• leave notes
• review the family’s Google Calendar
• check news headlines
• listen to streaming music via Pandora
• run a photo slide show via Picasa

The Samsung SMH2117S over the range microwave is the first microwave with an LED light for the cooktop, located under the microwave. The lamp uses less than a tenth of the power consumption (2.4W/1EA) of conventional incandescent (40W/1EA) or halogen (20W/1EA) cooktop lamps. An Eco Mode saves up to 40% in energy by turning the display off when not in use. The microwave also has a porcelain enamel interior, which the company said makes it seven times more scratch and rust resistant than other microwave interiors.

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