Chinese Study Finds Workplace Windows Opened Even when Air-Conditioning is On
Jan 2, 2012
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A study in China of workplace behavior related to the indoor environment found, among other things, that workers keep 23% of windows open for fresh air in the summer, even when air-conditioning is in operation.

The study was conducted by Jing Liua and Runming Yaoa of the School of Construction Management and Engineering, The University of Reading, and by Juan Wangb and Baizhan Lib of the Key Laboratory of the Three Gorges Reservoir Region’s Eco-Environment, Ministry of Education, Faculty of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University.

The study, "Occupants’ behavioural adaptation in workplaces with non-central heating and cooling systems," will be published in Applied Thermal Engineering in March 2012.

It discusses how buildings and environmental systems can be designed, operated, and managed to be energy efficient without compromising well-being and worker productivity

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