Whirlpool Files Anti-Dumping Petitions Against Samsung and LG
Jan 2, 2012
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Whirlpool Corp. filed anti-dumping petitions against residential clothes washer makers Samsung and LG. The petition asks the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate washers produced in South Korea and Mexico and then sold in the United States for what Whirlpool called "substantially less than fair value."

The petitions, filed Dec. 30, 2011, assert that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics dumped products into the United States from plants in South Korea and Mexico. Whirlpool said this action "undermines competition, causes material injury to the appliance manufacturing industry, threatens American jobs and ultimately harms consumers who are left with fewer product choices."

"When foreign manufacturers are permitted to dump products into the United States, it undermines competition," said Marc Bitzer, president, Whirlpool North America. "It is important for an open global trading system to have a process for enforcement to maintain the integrity of the system and provide all manufacturers a level playing field on which to compete."

Whirlpool produces clothes washers in Clyde, OH, U.S., at what it calls the world's largest washing machine plant. The plant has more than 3,500 employees and represents a $175 million investment by Whirlpool.

A Whirlpool statement said, "Lawful competition will help preserve these jobs, restore lost jobs due to unlawful trade practices, and create opportunities for new jobs.

Whirlpool anticipates the following decision dates for the investigations:

• January 2012: U.S. Department of Commerce releases notice of initiation
• February, 2012: U.S. International Trade Commission releases preliminary determination
• May 2012: DoC releases preliminary countervailing duty determination
• July 2012: Doc releases preliminary anti-dumping determination
• December 2012: DoC expected to release final determinations
• February 2013: ITC expected to release its final determination
• February 2013: Final orders published upon issuance of final affirmative determinations from DoC and ITC.

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