Bosch Thermotechnology Builds Energy-Plus Home in Germany
Dec 26, 2011
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Bosch Thermotechnology Division built an Energy-Plus Home – a home that generates more power than it uses - in Wetzlar, Germany.

The home's photovoltaic system, efficient heating and insulation, and energy efficient appliances give it expected energy requirements of 7,550 kilowatt hours annually, while it is expected to generate 9,100 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

The primary extra cost of the home was 35,000 euros (approx. US$45,000) primarily for the photovoltaic system.

Bosch Thermotechnology and its Buderus brand built the house with building specialists Buderus Immobilien GmbH (BIG) and Schwörer Haus.

“We want to show that such a project can be realized with the technology that is available today,” said Uwe Glock, board president of the Thermotechnology Division. He pointed out that about 40% of the total primary energy consumption in Europe and about a third of the carbon emissions are attributable to buildings.

About 85% of the energy requirements of buildings relate to heating and hot water, whereas electricity accounts for a relatively low 15%. According to Glock, this discrepancy is attributable to the heating systems. “Only 13% of the 17.8 million heating systems in Germany represent the latest state of the art," he said. He said carbon emissions could be cut by up to 55 million tons annually if the inefficient systems were replaced.

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