Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Theme: Design Experience
Dec 21, 2011
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Electrolux announced the theme for the 2012 Design Lab, an annual global appliance design competition for students and recent graduates of industrial design. The theme of the 10th Anniversary Design Lab competition in 2012 will be Design Experience.

The brief for Design Lab 2012 challenges design students to draw inspiration from professional experience creators – such as chefs, architects, interior designers, or hotel designers – to design home appliances that will provide a fuller sensory experience. This experience may come about through state of the art technology or it might be through a clever blend of textures and surfaces.

This year the jury will take special note of the aesthetic qualities of the concept and the way textures and surface materials have been used.

Electrolux points to its Cube cooking appliance as an example. Professional cooking is about the experience, the company said – not just about achieving the perfect inner temperature of a steak for the sake of science or performance. It’s about designing the best possible experience for guests. The creative force behind the experience is the merger of intuitive and innovative appliances with the creativity of the chef and carefully selected high quality ingredients.

Designs should also take into consideration Electrolux's Scandinavian heritage, and submissions should reflect Scandinavian Design values by being sensitive to the environment, providing intuitive ease of use, and having aesthetic appeal.

“I believe the importance of our sensory perception is underestimated in a lot of today’s design," said Henrik Otto, Electrolux SVP of Global Design. Too much importance is accorded to the visual. What if we could incorporate our other senses into design? Could we smell who’s calling? Or feel what’s on TV?"

Eight finalists will each be invited to participate in a final event in the autumn of 2012 in Europe. Dates and venue will be announced in 2012. The jury will consider entries based on intuitive design, innovation, aesthetic qualities, and consumer insight. The first prize winner will get a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center and 5,000 euros. Second prize is 3,000 euros and third prize is 2,000 euros.

Deadline for entry is June 1, 2012. Details are on the Design Lab web site at:

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