Appliance Sales in Thailand Hit Hard by Floods
Dec 14, 2011
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Sales have dropped in Thailand as a result of flooding—particularly sales of bulky consumer products such as washing machines, TVs, desktop PCs and printers, and especially air-conditioner (which were down 36% in October), according to GfK Thailand’s October retail audit figures. Flooding in Thailand is causing problems for the overall technical consumer goods industry, with a general downward trend in sales across all product categories. Where growth were seen it was weak compared to market performance in 2010.

“The flood has definitely affected the technical consumer goods industry in several ways,” said Dr. Wichit Purepong, General Manager of GfK Thailand. “For one, residents facing the crisis would have probably lost any mood to shop, especially when it comes to big ticket items."

In addition, he said, traveling in some flooded regions has become a huge challenge and a deterrence to consumers.

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