60-Year-Old Electrolux Fridge Still Running in the UK
Dec 13, 2011
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Electrolux has identified Britain's oldest working refrigerator in a Derbyshire bungalow: an Electrolux L380 fridge, made in England some time between 1934-1941. The previously claimed oldest fridge in the UK was a 1958 Electrolux L460

Owner Jim Williamson (pictured) of Hope Valley, Derbyshire, contacted Electrolux when he decided to sell the bungalow. He said the Electrolux refrigerator was purchased by an aunt, later used in his parent's home, and finally, in the 1960s, was moved to the bungalow.

An Electrolux company historian confirmed that the appliance is a model L380 fridge, produced from 1934-1941. The freestanding, “heat driven" appliance has a volume of 109 liters and is 1304 mm high. Electricity use: 900 kWh annually.

Electrolux said a current-model refrigerator, such as an AEG –brand model S71700TSWO, would have 50% more capacity (155 liters) but use about 10% of the power at 94 kWh annually.

The cost to operate the appliance is also about ten-times as much as a new appliance. Electrolux estimated that, at an energy cost per kWh of £0.125, a current-model fridge would cost about £11.75 (approx. $18) per year to run, while the pre-World-War II model costs about £112.50 (approx. $176) to run.

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