NA PCB Shipments Down in October
Dec 1, 2011
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Combined rigid PCB and flexible circuits industry shipments in North America in October 2011 decreased 9.6% from October 2010, as orders booked decreased 0.1% from October 2010, according to IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

Year to date, combined industry shipments were down 1.1% and bookings were down 8.8%. Compared to the previous month, combined industry shipments for October 2011 were down 11.9% and bookings were down 1.4%. The combined (rigid and flex) industry book-to-bill ratio in October 2011 remained at 0.99.

“North American PCB sales are down from the previous month, but this is a normal seasonal pattern,” said Sharon Starr, IPC market research director. “The good news is that rigid PCB orders are holding steady,” she added.

Rigid PCB shipments in North America were down 9.4% and bookings were up 1.0% in October 2011 from October 2010. Year-to-date, rigid PCB shipments decreased 1.3% and bookings declined 9.8%. Compared to the previous month, rigid PCB shipments decreased 10.3% and rigid bookings registered 0% growth. The book-to-bill ratio for the North American rigid PCB industry in October 2011 remained just below parity at 0.99.

October 2011 flexible circuit shipments were down 11.3% and bookings were down 10.3% from October 2010. Year-to-date, flexible circuit shipments were up 0.3% and bookings were up 1.7%. Compared to the previous month, flexible circuit shipments decreased 25.8% and flex bookings were down 14.3%. The North American flexible circuit book-to-bill ratio in October 2011 declined to 0.95.

IPC’s monthly survey of the North American PCB industry tracks bookings and shipments from U.S. and Canadian facilities, providing indicators of regional demand, but not measuring U.S. and Canadian PCB production. To track production, IPC surveys participants for the percent of their reported shipments that were produced domestically (in the United States or Canada).

In October 2011, 83% of total PCB shipments reported were domestically produced. Domestic production accounted for 83% of rigid PCB and 79% of flexible circuit shipments. These numbers are significantly affected by the mix of companies in IPC’s survey sample, which change slightly in January, but are kept constant through the remainder of the year.

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