Clothes Over Appliances for Christmas 2011?
Nov 17, 2011
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More than half of consumers surveyed by Ipsos for a holiday shopping study have clothes and accessories on their gift lists in 2011, but only 18% want appliances and furniture.

The results come from the Shoppers Trend Report (STR), intended to identify retail purchase patterns and consumer trends leading up to the holiday shopping season and released by U.S. online coupons web site

The report provides an overview of consumer trend data derived from activity on and affiliated sites, as well as a survey conducted by Ipsos. The Ipsos survey results say the most likely items on a gift list are:
• clothing and accessories: 54%
• books, movies, and music: 44%
• consumer electronics such as TVs, e-readers, and video games: 37%
• toys: 34%
• bath and beauty products/treatments: 26%
• furniture or appliances: 18%
• travel: 7%
• luxury items such as a car or jewelry: 3%

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