DCS French Door Fridge Differentiated With Interior Hardware and Space
Nov 16, 2011
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Fisher & Paykel (Huntington Beach, CA) introduced a new French door refrigerator under its professional-style appliances brand name, DCS by Fisher & Paykel.

The engineering of interior refrigerator hardware focused on access, with all drawers equipped with full extension runners. The fruit and vegetable drawer has a unique Humidity Control System enabling different food types to be stored at a preferred humidity level. Clear storage bins assist in viewing food.

The freezer drawer offers a large storage space and roll-out shelving with plastic bins for smaller items.

Shelves and bins are removable to create a fully customizable storage solution. Cleaning accessibility is addressed with cantilevered glass shelves. The 2011 counter depth French door refrigerator is Energy Star qualified. It is designed with an internal water filter. The unit offers 19.5 cubic feet of storage, which F&P said is superior to other units of a similar exterior size.

The unit's refrigeration system is augmented with a convection system called ActiveSmart, which uses two variable-speed fans to provide faster cooling and freezing and keep temperatures even within the appliance. The flow of cold air is adjusted continuously, based on daily use and climatic conditions.

The refrigerator also has automatic ice making and chilled and filtered water on demand. It will be available in the U.S. in December 2011.

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