Braun Announces 2012 Design Competition
Oct 13, 2011
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Braun, the small appliances business of Proctor & Gamble, is now planning its 2012 BraunPrize product design competition, which seeks to highlight design concepts and ideas that lead to innovative, practical, beautiful, and intuitive product solutions tailored to everyday consumer needs. Aspiring design students, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world should submit their entries by Mar. 31, 2012.

The theme of the 2012 competition will be: “Genius design for a better everyday.” The theme is intended to emphasize the importance of industrial design and innovative, well-designed products that improve everyday life for consumers around the world.

The BraunPrize jury will include design experts Naoto Fukasawa, Jane Fulton Suri, and Anne Berger.

In addition to the global design award, Braun is inaugurating a sustainability award, which will recognize design projects with a particularly strong focus on sustainable solutions for everyday life.

The 2012 BraunPrize will also see the establishment of national BraunPrize winners, highlighting the very best talent in individual countries by awarding 30 National winners..

All winners will be announced at the BraunPrize ceremony on September 26, 2012, in Kronberg, Germany. The total prize money for the 2012 competition has been raised to US$100,000.

"Since Erwin Braun developed the BraunPrize competition in 1968, our aim has been to find and promote new design talent who would continue to challenge norms, develop their own unique perspective and forge exciting design innovations,” said Professor Oliver Grabes, Braunʼs head of Design and chairman of the BraunPrize Jury.

The 2012 even will again be supported and endorsed by icsid, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at P&G, said: “We want to ensure the BraunPrize not only provides a showcase for those design students and professionals who want to pursue a career in design, but that it also encourages design enthusiasts outside of an academic or professional context to enter. This competition isn't just about nurturing and fostering talent, it's also about opening up the accessibility of design to more people around the world.”

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