Earphones Maker Sennheiser Files 12 U.S. Lawsuits Against Counterfeiters
Oct 11, 2011
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Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and Sennheiser Electronic Corp. filed what it calls a "first wave" of federal lawsuits in the United States District Court. The lawsuits target a number of alleged Internet-based pirates and counterfeiters located in the United States said to be engaged in the sale of counterfeit Sennheiser branded merchandise, including popular models CX200, CX300 II, CX380 II, CX500, and PMX80 lines of headphones.

The complaints are based upon Federal Trademark Infringement Laws and the filed complaints demand substantial damages in the form of declaratory relief and injunctive relief, along with all attorney’s fees and costs against counterfeiters. Sennheiser said it identified more than 100 other domestic pirates and numerous domestic websites that it will target for further enforcement operations.

Sennheiser began the counterfeit enforcement campaign after recognizing an increase of warranty returns and complaints about the quality and workmanship of some of its branded products. It determined that the complaints originated from consumers who purchased products online, often from a website based in China, or from a domestic eBay seller who acquired the counterfeit merchandise from a Chinese wholesaler of counterfeit products.

The manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit Sennheiser branded products abroad has resulted in the widespread domestic U.S. sale of pirated merchandise, made with inferior materials and substandard workmanship.

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