Half of Workers Think Their Office Could Use Improvement
Oct 4, 2011
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Many office workers think their office could use new technology and furniture, according to a Staples.com survey.

The survey showed that:
• 52% of workers surveyed gave their office furniture a grade "C" or lower
• 51% gave both their office décor a grade "C" or lower
• 41% gave both their office technology a grade "C" or lower

Topping people's wish lists for office improvements were:
• 44%: eliminating office politics
• 41%: allowing or encouraging telecommuting
• 37%: upgrading computers and other office technology
• 35%: getting nicer or more comfortable office furniture
• 34%: providing more private work areas
• 34%: providing more flexible work hours

Bosses scored well:
• 47% of respondents gave their boss a solid "A" grade
• 78% rated their boss an "A" or "B"

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