Dow Commits To R&D Contributions to U.S. Universities
Oct 5, 2011
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The Dow Chemical Company increased its investment in programs with leading U.S. universities with a $25 million per year commitment for 10 years. The investment will be distributed among 11 institutions to strengthen research in traditional scientific fields important to Dow and to the United States' future.

“As a major employer of scientific and engineering talent, Dow is committed to the development of the 21st century workforce, which will work to solve society’s most pressing challenges while cultivating a more competitive U.S. marketplace. Excellence in scientific education and the development of innovative solutions go hand-in-hand,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to partner with academia to ensure that a vital pipeline of talent and research is available to fuel the discoveries and solutions of tomorrow.”

Eleven universities, identified by their excellence in science and engineering education, research, and willingness to collaborate with industry, will benefit from the investment:
• The California Institute of Technology
• The University of California at Santa Barbara
• The University of Minnesota
• The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• The Pennsylvania State University
• The University of Wisconsin
• Northwestern University
• The University of California at Berkeley
• Carnegie Mellon University
• The University of Michigan

Each university partnership has been designed to build off of its unique strengths — its faculty, facilities, institutes and infrastructure. Areas of research include: catalysis, process development, and new materials for application in electronics, energy, transportation, and consumer applications. Dow’s investment will support faculty, students and infrastructure, enabling a critical mass of resources to address some of the world’s leading challenges.

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