Appliance Makers Hope India's Festival Season Will Be Another Retail Bonanza
Sep 27, 2011
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The Festival Season in India officially begins this year on September 28, but appliance industry promotions have already launched, with appliance companies seeking to make the most of a selling season as important in India as the Christmas season is in the United States.

Appliance companies – many of whom operate their own branded retail store chains in India - are again staging large-scale promotions during the 2011 season to attract buyers. Popular in 2011 are "assured gift card" promotions.

Chinese-based appliance maker Haier is staging the Lao Kismat Chamkao promotional event, which gives scratch-and-win gift cards to buyers of refrigerators and washing machines at its retail stores in India between Sept. 15 through Oct. 31. Prizes include French-door refrigerators, 46-inch LEDs, front-load washing machines, a 1.5-ton rated air-conditioner, and other Haier products.

Panasonic's 2011 promotions include a similar gift-card offering, which started Sept. 14 and runs through Oct. 26, 2011. Buyers of Panasonics refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, washers, and air-conditioners get a scratch-off card that awards them a gift and puts them in the running for "Mega Prizes" such as a vacation in Switzerland, a new Toyota, gold coins, or any of several Panasonic appliances and homes electronics.

Adite Banerjie of New Delhi, long-time India Correspondent for APPLIANCE magazine, noted that the festive season can extend even to Christmas.

"This is season when consumer product manufacturers and retailers gear up in an effort to attract sales of big-ticket items. Traditionally speaking, this is the time when, across all regions of India, families set out to buy consumer durables. It coincides with the harvesting season, when farmers and rural consumers are cash-rich," Banerjie wrote.

See "Making the Most of Festival Season":

The season starts in the autumn with the festival of Navratri ("Nine Nights"), which culminates on the tenth day with the holiday Dussehra. The dates vary year-to-year.
• In 2011, Navratri starts on September 28; Dussehra will be on October 6.
• In 2012, Navratri starts on October 16; Dussehra will be on October 24.

Diwali is one of the most important Indian festivals, celebrated by Sikhs and Jains in addition to India's huge Hindu population. The celebrating typically last 5 days.
• In 2011, Diwali starts on October 26.
• In 2012, Diwali starts on November 13.

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