Electrolux Vacuum Designed for High Density Living, Short Burst Cleaning
Sep 27, 2011
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Electrolux Asia said it released the UltraActive 6 kg bagless vacuum cleaner to cater to modern lifestyles, where consumers have less living space and new cleaning habits - such as cleaning in short bursts of time.

Electrolux Asia noted that "high density living" means homes are becoming smaller, and have less storage space. At the same time, families are trying to accomplish more in less time. Cleaning habits are evolving to work around family schedules. There's a growing preference for cleaning in short bursts, whenever there are free pockets of time, instead of setting aside a large block of time to clean.

The UltraActive is designed with a 2100-W motor, to have full-size vacuum cleaner power, while being lighter in weight and economical in terms of space. The appliance folds into a compact size for easy storage. It also design described as sleek, with trendy color options to complement home, for those users who may wish to store the unit in visible parts of the home.

A HEPA 13 filter is designed to remove 99.95% of small particles.

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