GE Engineers New Dishwasher Water Jet and Drying Configurations
Aug 26, 2011
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GE said its research shows that wash performance is five times more important to consumers than any other dishwasher attribute, and the appliance maker said it is addressing this need with a new line of dishwashers.

For cleaner dishes, GE designed a five-stage filtration system, called PureClean, for the new line. It prevents grit and food from re-depositing on dishes.

Water jets were also reconfigured. Four dedicated water jets now aim directly at the utensil rack.

GE also included the Steam Clean feature, which makes GE dishwashers are the only brand on the market to use steam before the wash, not after.

“We’ve found that using steam as a prewash is much more effective at removing caked-on food than steaming the dishes after the wash cycle,” explained Phillip Maxwell, dishwasher training manager, GE Appliances & Lighting. “Think of it as letting the dishwasher presoak the baked-on foods for you, rather than leaving them to soak in the sink.”

The steam prewash helps rehydrate dried- and baked-on soils, so they can be easily washed away during the wash cycle, which GE said virtually eliminates the need to pre-rinse or presoak casserole dishes or utensils.

Many models in the new dishwasher line have a dedicated fan in the door to pull moisture out of the dishwasher. “The fan-assisted dry really does a great job on things that are tough to dry in the dishwasher, like plastic utensils,” said Maxwell.

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