Arçelik Licenses Blue Light Fridge Technology
Aug 19, 2011
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Turkish appliance maker Arçelik agreed to use blue lighting technology from food biophotonics company Fotofresh Ltd. in home refrigerators. The agreement licenses Arçelik to use the technology in appliance brands sold worldwide. Arçelik Group sells refrigerators and other major appliances (white goods) under its global brand Beko, as well as Turkish brand Arçelik, German brand Blomberg, Austrian brand Elektra Bregenz, and Romanian brand Arctic.

The Fotofresh technology utilizes a blue light that shines onto fresh produce stored in the fridge, designed to stimulate photosynthesis and boost vitamin C levels. The blue light is also designed to keep bacteria counts low in the refrigerator to help extend produce storage life.

The technology is patented in key worldwide markets. Fotofresh Limited co-directors Lionel Scott and Karl McCarthy said the agreement with Arçelik “provides a clear commercial endorsement of the science behind the technology to the domestic refrigerator market.”

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