ASHRAE Funds Research to Provide Data on New Refrigerants
Apr 22, 2003
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As R-22 is phased out, system designers using flooded evaporators in low temperature systems likely will turn to R-507 as perhaps the only viable alternative to ammonia due to concerns about fractionation of other possible HFC replacements. Compressor designers, refrigeration component manufacturers and system designers will need solubility and viscosity data for R-507 series in combination with polyolester or polyalkylene glycol lubricants. No such published data currently exists. Research to provide this information has been approved for funding by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). ASHRAE approved funding totaling U.S. $575,383 for seven research projects in design tools, operation and maintenance tools, indoor air quality, comfort and health, refrigeration, environmentally safe materials and energy conservation at its 2003 Winter Meeting held Jan. 25-29. Among them is 1253-TRP, Measurement of Solubility, Viscosity and Density of R-125/143a (50/50) (R-507) Refrigerant Lubricant/Mixtures. The principal investigator is Richard Cavestri, Ph.D., Imagination Resources Inc., Dublin, OH, U.S. The project is expected to take 4 months to complete at a cost of $33,995. Many existing supermarket refrigeration systems have been retrofitted and new systems installed with R-507. Large industrial refrigeration installations also are being installed using R-507. ASHRAE says that advantages of R-507 include drop in replacement for R-502 systems, negligible temperature glide in normal range usage and high-efficiency increase on screw compressor systems with economizer cycles.

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