Whirlpool/LG Fridge Court Battles Continued in September
Jul 18, 2011
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A new trial were ordered in the legal battle between Whirlpool Corp. and LG Electronics over refrigerator patents, and LG Electronics’ USA said the case is now scheduled for an early retrial in the U.S. District Court of Delaware. Chief Judge Gregory M. Sleet set a trial date of Sept. 28, 2011.

On July 1, 2011, the court granted LG "a new trial regarding the sufficiency of the written description of the '130 patent and the obviousness of claim 15 of the '601 patent."

"Patent '130" is Whirlpool's Patent No. 6,082,130. "Patent '601" is Whirlpool Patent No. 5,269,601. LG originally sought to have both patents invalidated; Whirlpool countersued. In March 2010, a jury trial found mostly in favor of Whirlpool and awarded Whirlpool $1,786,925.

Whirlpool is seeking a judgment that better validates its patent claims; LG seeks to have the claims of patent violation invalidated and eliminate its liability.

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