Electronics Waste Will Decrease in Post-CRT Era
Jul 22, 2011
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reported that CRT TVs and monitors represent the bulk of electronics that will need to be recycled in the coming years, and once most of them reach end-of-life, the overall amount of electronic waste will decline.

Today's flat-panel TVs are 82% lighter in weight and 75% smaller than cathode ray tube (CRT) TV predecessors of a similar screen size, according to a CEA report released today. The report said current 40-inch to 70-inch flat-panel TVs weigh 34% less than 13-inch to 36-inch CRT TVs.

“The staggering reductions in materials in TVs and computer monitors have real and lasting environmental benefits, from the supply chain through recycling and disposal,” said Walter Alcorn, CEA vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability. “Dramatically lighter and smaller TVs and monitors reduce the amount of resources needed to manufacture the product, and slash the amount of required packaging and fuel used to transport these products. Furthermore, the sunsetting of CRT TVs is vastly reducing the amount of electronics to be recycled.”

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