Makita Expands R&D
Jul 18, 2011
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Power tool producer Makita Corp. (Anjo City, Japan) will open a new outdoor power equipment R&D Center at its office in Nisshin City, Japan, which will become the company's primary R&D facility, replacing the current center in Anjo City.

Currently Makita Group has four outdoor power equipment product development centers. The center at its headquarters in Anjo City has about 70 staff members engaged in product design, testing, and evaluation. Makita intends to shift the staff from the headquarters center to the Nisshin City center, where it will serve as the core of the company's product development efforts and will coordinate with the other centers. Staff is expected to increase to 200-300 in the next three years.

The new R&D facility will have testing capabilities and will increase the company's technical staff for developing engines. Makita intends to focus efforts on developing the technology to reduce emissions from outdoor products using small-sized 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. The center will also help expand the line-up of engine-powered outdoor power equipment as well as electric power tools, including rechargeable tools.

Makita also operates the Tokyo Technical Center; the Makita Numazu Corp. center at Makita's subsidiary in Numazu City, Japan; and a center at Makita subsidiary Dolmar GmbH in Hamburg, Germany.

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