Liebherr Reports Growth in 2010
Jul 18, 2011
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The Liebherr Group annual report, released July 15, 2011, said 2010 sales of refrigerators and freezers increased, with its domestic appliances division up €64.2 million - 8.5% - in its total turnover, to €819.8 million.

The conglomerate said its 2010 appliance business sales volume was only slightly below its record year of 2008. Its worldwide sales of refrigerators and freezers increased 5.7% to 2,100,000 in 2010.

Liebherr reported sales revenues in Western Europe remained slightly under the average for the division as a whole. Sales in other regions - except for the Near and Middle East - were above average. Relative growth was notable in the Far East/Australia region and in America. These regions were the focus of intensified sales and product concepts. Certain Eastern European markets also showed good growth.

Liebherr reported appliance sales in Germany rose slightly and topped €300 million for the first time, representing 37% of the division’s total 2010 business volume.

Above average growth was also seen in France, Italy, and the Scandinavian markets, while other European market volumes were reported stable. Only Greece showed a significant decrease.

Liebherr reported strong appliance sales growth in Eastern European markets in 2010, particularly in Russia, where business volume rose more than 12%. Turnover in the Ukraine almost doubled, and therefore largely offset a decrease in the market in 2009. Appliance business volume also showed strong growth in Romania, although from a low starting level. Poland showed another year of decreases.

In the United States Liebherr saw appliance business 2009 sales losses; 2010 saw a turnover increase of almost 90%. Canada also saw a steep rise in turnover.

In Latin America, the company saw increases in 2010 turnover, though from a low initial level. Principal sales markets for the company are Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

In Australia a strategy promoting especially high-value appliances proved successful. The appliance business also so strong sales growth in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, and South Korea. The group has produced commercial appliances for several years in Kluang, Malaysia.

In African a license agreement in Sudan has Liebherr supplying refrigerator and freezer assembly kits. This business volume also grew in 2010.

Liebherr Group non-appliance businesses include machinery, cranes, aerospace, components, and machine tools.

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