Dow to D.C.: Lift Economic Uncertainty by Acting on Debt Ceiling
Jul 15, 2011
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Andrew N. Liveris, Dow Chemical Company chairman and CEO, urged politicians in Washington, D.C., to work together to get past the partisan impasse over the debt ceiling.

“Business doesn’t have a seat at the table in these talks, but we sure have a stake in the outcome," Liveris said. "All Americans do – we are all in this together. There’s huge opportunity for our nation if both parties reach a meaningful agreement, and huge consequences if they do not. We need a resolution as soon as possible and urge all involved in the negotiations to continue to work towards a solution that eliminates uncertainty and puts stability into our economy.”

Dow Chemical Company is based in Midland, MI, U.S. and supplies chemicals, plastics, and touch screen control panel materials to the global appliance industry.

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