SME Announces Call for Nominations for Innovations Awards
Aug 8, 2008
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The Society of Manufacturing Engineers announced the call for nominations for the 2009 Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture list. The list will showcase new and emerging technologies, currently available to the industry, that are making a difference in manufacturing. The overall goal is to aide the manufacturing community with sorting through the many options available to support their efforts to remain competitive.

Innovations up for consideration should cause change, bring significant business and financial benefits by minimizing cost and lead time, improve product quality and performance and be robust and adaptable to meet or exceed customer demand and requirements.

The award is open to technology that directly affects manufacturing. Technologies that made a positive impact on manufacturing and were featured on the 2008 list include Direct Digital Manufacturing, self-assembling nanotechnology and ultra capacitors.

Nominators will be asked to describe the technology area the innovation falls under, what impact it will have on the manufacturing community, the availability of the innovation, and how it works. If selected, nominators can count on media release announcements, a series of articles in Manufacturing Engineering magazine, conference sessions, as well as newsletters, technical papers and Technical Community Forum.

A multi-step process will determine which innovations will make the list. All nominations will be reviewed by representatives of SME’s Technical Communities. After they choose the top nominators in their area, the SME Manufacturing Enterprise Council will make the final selections. Technical experts and the nominator should be available during the decision-making process to answer questions and provide any information needed by the committees.

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