KitchenAid New Dishwashers Designed to Address Phosphate Phase-Out
Jun 30, 2011
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KitchenAid brand designed the sound levels of its new dishwashers to address those consumers who find that the sound of a running dishwasher is reassuring that the appliance is working and as well as the consumer who find that any “non-human” sound in the kitchen is unwelcome.

Some models are designed with a built-in water softener, which can make a big difference under some use circumstances, according to Deb O'Connor, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid.

"Built-in water softening is particularly timely given that detergent manufacturers are removing phosphates that optimize hard water's ability to clean dishes, and cities are increasingly cutting back on water softening in their water supplies," noted O'Connor. "And as those living with hard water know, unsoftened water can stain and leave mineral deposits on dishes and glassware."

New Superba Series EQ dishwashers have advanced sound dampening technology and operate at 40 decibels in the normal cycle. "Anything quieter than that would be hard for the human ear to even notice,” O’Connor said.

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