PC Operation by Foot
Jun 28, 2011
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A combination of software and a multi-touch foot controller allows a computer to be operated by foot, and is intended to help increase efficiency and avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Keith McMillen Instruments' KeyWorx software application operates on Mac or PC to select programs, control the cursor, enable mouse clicks, and send out keystrokes. The app is bundled with SoftStep, USB-powered input device that works alongside keyboards, mice, and other interface devices. SoftStep has a four character alphanumeric display. Repetitive tasks can be assigned to any key and cursor/click control allows the user to keep hands comfortably on the keyboard.

Using the app and input device together allows users to setup commands for each of the device's 11 multi-touch key surfaces. The combination is designed to increase efficiency and reduce RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

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