Burgess-Norton Compressor Part Wins PM Award
Jun 28, 2011
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Burgess-Norton Mfg. Company's powder metallurgy (PM) steel crimp retainer earned an Award of Distinction in the Metal Powder Industries Federation's 2011 Design Excellence Awards. The part won in the Hardware/Appliances category. The crimp retainer is used in a valve assembly that regulates gas flow in a high-performance compressor for commercial refrigerators.

Formed to a minimum density of 7.1 g/cm3, the part has a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 160,000 psi, yield strength of 150,000 psi, and 74 HRA hardness. The part’s outside diameter is designed with a smooth flowing radius to permit gas flow around it with minimal turbulence. Secondary finishing operations include soft machining of three gas holes in the counter bore, carburizing, quenching, tempering, and hard turning to form the counter bore diameter and face. MPIF said the choice of use PM for the part provided a 30-50% cost savings over fabricating processes such as casting or stamping.

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