Whirlpool Declares Another Court Victory Against LG
May 12, 2011
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Whirlpool Corp. (Benton Harbor, MI) reported that the United States District Court in Chicago refused to award any relief to LG on the last remaining claim in a lawsuit filed by LG in 2008.

The Court found that "Whirlpool has established that its dryers do, in fact, use steam" and that "LG did not introduce expert testimony or credible evidence of even a single Whirlpool customer, retailer, or trade representative who expressed confusion." The court's decision follows an October 2010 jury verdict that favored Whirlpool, and marks the third time in just over a year that Whirlpool has prevailed against LG in court.

LG's lawsuit sought to ban Whirlpool from using the word "steam" to describe its steam dryers. Whirlpool proved to the Court and jury that its steam dryers, made in its Marion, OH factory, do in fact use steam.

Whirlpool's technology combines existing heat resources with an automatic water mist to create steam inside the dryer drum. At trial, Whirlpool demonstrated how its one-touch steam design was different from the LG system, which uses a manually filled external water cartridge that must be replenished with cold water prior to use.

"This decision by the Court" said Marc Bitzer, president, Whirlpool North America Region, "confirms the jury's verdict that consumers want choice and the kind of innovative laundry solutions Whirlpool has provided for 100 years. Our steam dryers, which provide more convenient steam performance and consumer benefits, are a perfect example of our leadership. This victory means consumers will continue to have a choice in purchasing their steam laundry appliances."

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