Latin America to Lead TV Growth
May 6, 2011
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Latin America is projected to be the fastest growing TV market over the next several years, according to IMS Research. The firm expects changes in the demand for several key TV types such as LCD, OLED, and iDTV (integrated digital TV).

The forecast is for a 26% increase in the installed base of TVs in Latin America, which will be much higher than in other regions. Veronica Thayer, lead researcher for the TV Set Shipment Database, said Latin America will see a growth in the number of TVs per household. Pother drivers include governments support of the transition to digital TV broadcasting; widespread adoption of South America's DTV technical standard, ISDB-T; and stronger demand for flat-screen TV.

LCD shipments grew 29% year-on-year in 2010, down from 43% in 2009, and IMS said LCD growth will be less than 1% by 2015 as the market becomes saturated.

New OLED TV models will be launched in the next few years and should gain TV market share. If OLED manufacturing becomes cheaper and sizes exceed 32-inches, IMS said OLED TV will reach about 4% share of global TV shipments in 2015. North America and Europe will likely lead in OLED growth.

The firm forecasts that 86% of global TV shipments by the end of 2015 will be digital. IMS expects a 17% CAGR for iDTVs between 2009 and 2015.

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