Higher Energy-Efficient Standards and Green Technology Drive Refrigeration Segment: Appliance Market Research Reports
Apr 29, 2011
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Full-year unit shipments of refrigerators for 2010 climbed 11.6% over full-year unit shipments for 2009 while freezers fell 4.2%, according to the report Appliance Manufacturing Focus 2011: Refrigerators/Freezers from UBM Canon Data Products. Opportunities are present to provide consumers with higher energy-efficiency ratings.

Refrigerators have become more energy efficient but still account for about 10% of household electricity use. Big changes are on the way for home appliance energy-efficiency standards due to the Energy Efficient and Smart Appliance Agreement of 2010. The recommended standards for new appliances include energy reduction of up to 30% for refrigerators and freezers by January 2014.

“These standards are anticipated to save consumers more than $18 billion,” says Andrew Humphreys, editor in chief of UBM Canon Data Products. “To meet these standards, manufacturers will produce an impressive new generation of products with improved energy efficiency and cost savings.”

The market opportunity also exists for refrigeration systems and insulation technology that will not harm the environment. The chemicals currently found in refrigerants and insulation blowing agents have a global warming potential that will make them unacceptable for long-term use. Many of the current alternatives simply do not offer the energy-efficiency potential that is needed to protect the environment in both short-term and long-term capacities.

The refrigerator is looked at as the hub of the kitchen and consumers are turning to refrigerators to extend household communication. Samsung's RSG309 side-by-side and RF4289 four-door French Door model refrigerators offer an industry first. Both have Wi-Fi enabled 8-inch LCD screens located above the water and ice dispenser that provide access to a series of kitchen-relevant applications. This allows users to browse recipe collections, check the weather, leave notes for housemates, and review the family calendar.

The Blue Media Multimedia Inverter Refrigerator from China's Hisense recently won a Korean Good Design award. The Blue Media refrigerator has an intelligent control system, video display, digital photo frame, recipe database and voice messaging.

European and North American appliance makers have increased consumer interest in built-in refrigerators. Electrolux's profitable European built-in appliance business helped its 2010 results and the company is launching a new line of built-in appliances. Whirlpool and GE Appliances both began large-scale investment projects in 2010 to expand their built-in appliance manufacturing capabilities in the United States.

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