Arçelik: BEKO Energy Labels Accurate per ATLETE
Apr 25, 2011
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Turkish-based Arçelik Group said its international brand Beko was one of the few brands reported by the ATLETE project to have fully accurate information in all categories of the European energy label.

The Appliance Testing for Energy Label Evaluation (ATLETE) project was intended to show that a higher level of market surveillance is needed to keep European appliance labels compliant. It succeeded, perhaps too well, with 53% of the tested appliances failing one or more of the five components on their appliance energy label.

Testing of three different refrigerator models from Beko, however, showed the models did in fat meet all the claims made on their energy labels.

European appliance association CECED was a coordinating partner in the ATLETE project and all CECED member companies cooperated in the project.

"The level of compliance with energy label requirements must improve," stated CECED General Director Luigi Meli one of the project partners. "Strong market surveillance is the best way to ensure a level playing field, fair competition for domestic equipment manufacturers operating within the Single Market and a high level of protection for the consumers. It is essential that Governments provide adequate resources to ensure market surveillance."

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