Electrolux Seminar Discusses Dining Trends
Apr 21, 2011
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A hundred chefs, gastronomy writers, and food bloggers attended a trend seminar hosted by Electrolux in collaboration with the White Guide, Sweden's equivalent to the Michelin Guide.

Electrolux is a global producer of residential and commercial appliances, and has been focusing on growing its Electrolux Professional business.

The seminar, held at the Swedish Culinary Team’s training kitchen at Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm, featured renowned French chef Alain Passard, who was in Sweden to receive White Guide’s Gastronomy Global Award, which is sponsored by Electrolux.

The seminar focused on the "terroir" trend, a term once primarily associated with wine and which Electrolux said describes "a sense of place," or the sum of the effects that the local environment has on the characteristics of the product. Passard is a well-known proponent of terroir and predicts in increasing interest in locally sourced food. "Locavores" are diners who eat food that is locally grown and in-season in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.

The seminar concluded with a gala dinner at Stockholm's Grand Hotel, where Passard received his award from René Redzepi, founder of the Copenhagen's world-renowned restaurant Noma, and Keith McLoughlin, president and CEO of Electrolux.

“This was a successful brand strengthening event where we further established Electrolux as a strong voice within the European food-service market,” says Cecilia Öster, head of communications for Electrolux Professional.

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