Electrolux Exhibits Resourceful Concept Appliances
Apr 14, 2011
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Electrolux Exhibits Resourceful Concept Appliances

Electrolux challenged Masters design students at the Domus Academy in Milan to rethink kitchen appliances and will this week exhibit nine concepts based on existing technology that consider sustainability and culture under the ReSource theme.

The exhibit coincides with the 2011 Milan Design Week and comes just before entry to the annual Electrolux Design Lab contest closes on May 1, 2011.

"To re-source is to re-generate, re-energize, re-mix, and re-lax,” says Bruno Lizotte, Design Manager at Electrolux, “and the appropriate space for this multi-tasking is, more than ever before, the home and its vibrant centre – the kitchen.”

Lizotte, who tutored the students, said the concept appliances show "a dynamic way of looking at appliance design, offering novel solutions for the kitchen environment.”

The nine appliances on exhibit:

KEWA (Kinetic Efficient Water Appliance)
by Pietro Russomanno, Italy
The KEWA dishwashing appliances uses air pressure with water to clean dishes, resulting in saving of water, time, and energy. Kinetic jets create a "water-blade" capable of cleaning a single plate or pan in one stroke. There is also a  hand-held version of the cleaner.

by Chi Rong Hsu, Taiwan
Aeolus is an extractor fan that efficiently removes odors from an entire room. While Chi Rong Hsu came up with the concept infinitivally to remove odors from wok cooking within an enclosed space, this solution can be used in many kitchen settings.  It maximizes space by storing utensils and tools that can be hung from the frame.

by Ariadna Tellez Rossell, Mexico
The CLEAiR air purifier provides automatic status updates about the condition of air inside the home. Three separate table mounted cleaners can also be used for general cleaning in a hand-held position.

by Beyza Dogan, Turkey
Breathe is a living kitchen appliance design to "breath in" and neutralize air pollutants using ionization. The unit also helps create a clean kitchen environment by providing ambient light that follows the natural light cycle of the day.

by Zahira Ivelisse Crespo, Puerto Rico
Jumble is a flexible set of induction cooking plates that allows easy transfer of cooking vessels to different temperate zones. A remote control operates the three cooking zones and frees valuable counter space.

by Jung Kun Choi, South Korea
Wine is intended to provide an extra aesthetic dimension to wine collecting by displaying bottles in a wall mounted showcase that maintains their optimal temperature. It also has a cabinet to chill and store foods that are served as part of a wine tasting experience.

by Marcela Vanesa Céspedes, Argentina
This kitchen waste disposal and recycling appliance uses enzymes to break down organic waste, creating energy that is channeled via conductive pipes to heat the home's small appliances.

by Jervis Chua, Hong Kong
The Chefiamo virtual cookbook assists, guides, inspires, and maintains cooking traditions. A hologram avatar, intended to appear like a friend or relative, is projected onto the countertop and guides users through the cooking process.

by Surbhi Singhal, India
This modular system of furniture and kitchen appliances is adaptable to user spaces regardless of the space size, and the system can be built up as necessary.

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