ATLETE Finding: European Appliance Labels In Need of Market Surveillance
Apr 13, 2011
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The April 12, 2011 release of Appliance Testing for Energy Label Evaluation (ATLETE) test results shows that a higher level of market surveillance is needed to keep European appliance labels compliant.

Project test were released during the ATLETE conference, held April 12 in Brussels during the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week. Luigi Meli, general director of European appliance industry association CECED, called the results "disappointing."

84% of tested appliances complied with the energy efficiency class declaration and two related key parameters: energy consumption and storage volume.  However, just 47% of the tested appliances were found to comply with all five test parameters.

A statement released by ATLETE today pointed out that two of those parameters - freezing capacity and temperature rise time – "have been less commonly checked since the energy label was introduced in 1995."

ATLETE has said repeatedly that the test results are "indicative only," and that only the market surveillance authorities in each European Union member state can legally declare an appliance to be compliant or non-compliant.

ATLETE has also said that the 80 appliance models it tested represent a small sample of all the models sold in Europe by the entire appliance industry, so the test results are not sufficient for judging the overall compliance of any appliance maker's product line.

If nothing else, ATLETE has fulfilled its primary goal: to prove that pan-European monitoring of appliance labeling is possible, practical, and necessary.

"The level of compliance with energy label requirements must improve," stated CECED General Director Luigi Meli one of the project partners. "These results are disappointing but they do not detract from the industry’s position on this issue."

Meli added, "Strong market surveillance is the best way to ensure a level playing field, fair competition for domestic equipment manufacturers operating within the Single Market and a high level of protection for the consumers. It is essential that Governments provide adequate resources to ensure market surveillance."

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