European Vending Machine Group Unveils Updated Energy Measurement Protocol
Apr 11, 2011
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The European Vending Association (EVA) launched a new version of its Energy Measurement Protocol (EMP), which, unlike the previous version, separates the documentation for two types of vending machine configuration.

The new version, EMP 3.0, updates the previous version from 2005. EMP 3.0 is divided into two sections: EMP3.0a pertains to chilled, frozen, and ambient machines; EMP3.0b covers hot and cold drinks machines.

The EVA Technical Committee will submit its EMP 3.0b protocol to CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization. The CENELEC evaluation process could take one to three years, and the use of the protocol as a standard will remain voluntary, as it is now.

EVA said the protocol is already with vending machine producers its assessments respond proactively to the requirements of public procurements.

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