Gorenje Wins Design Awards for Gorenje, Atag, Asko Brand Appliances
Apr 7, 2011
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Gorenje Group won 2011 Red Dot design awards for appliances under its Gorenje, Atag, and Asko brand names.

Gorenje brand won a Red Dot honorable mention for its iChef electronic control module. "We succeeded in translating complex technology into a user-friendly product, to such extent that it can be used both by those with little or no cooking skills and by the aspiring chefs," said Lidija Pritržnik, creative director for Gorenje brands.

The Atag brand won an award for its 111 cm wide Magna glass ceramic gas hob (cooktop). "Ergonomic design with burners laid out side by side means the users no longer have to lean and reach over hot pots and pans during cooking," explained Vincent Hofstee, product and design manager for the Atag brand. "For easier and more efficient cooking, the gas hob is fitted with digital program timers that allow programming the desired temperatures and cooking duration. When the set time expires, the burners are shut off automatically."

Asko Classic dishwashers won the design awards for its white, black, and stainless steel designs. "Smart design allowed us to avoid the conventional plastic panel and place the user interface directly on the steel front," said Tobias Strålman, Design Manager at Asko: "The minimalistic front also accentuates the interface as it is the most important touchpoint between the user and the machine. The circular touch interfaces are as easy as they look: the left circle is for program settings and the right circle is for time management."

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