CEA and CNET Release New Consumer Sentiment Indexes
Aug 13, 2008
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CNET (www.CNET.com) announced the launch of the CEA-CNET Consumer Sentiment Indexes, which provide a look at consumer confidence for the economy as well as a measure of consumer expectations around consumer electronics and technology.

The CEA-CNET Indexes are comprised of the CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) and the CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE). The Indexes will be updated on a monthly basis through consumer surveys and new data will be released on the fourth Tuesday of each month. CEA and CNET have been tracking index data since January 2007. While the CEA-CNET ICE has drifted downward, the CEA-CNET ICTE has shown positive gains over two consecutive months.

Information on the index and monthly index updates are available online at www.CE.org/ceacnetindexes.

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