Sharp Prototype Power Conditioner Enables Home Power Using Electric Vehicle Batteries
Feb 25, 2011
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Sharp Corp. developed an Intelligent Power Conditioner that enables batteries in electric vehicles to be used as storage batteries for the home. Sharp will be conducting tests to confirm the safety and reliability of this system, with the aim of making this device commercially available in the near-term.

Sharp's Eco House concept focuses on solar cells, storage batteries, and DC (direct-current) appliances. It has focused much of its activity on developing a practical storage battery for temporarily storing electrical energy generated by solar cells, which can then be used to provide power for use in the home when no photovoltaic (PV) electricity is being generated.

Sharp has now developed the Intelligent Power Conditioner (power inverter/controller) based on power control technology cultivated while developing power conditioners for PV generation systems. Using the Intelligent Power Conditioner, solar cells and storage batteries operate in conjunction with utility power to supply electrical energy consistently to the home. In anticipation of future DC home appliances, the system can also supply DC electricity.

This technology can make use of electric vehicle (EV) batteries as part of a residential power storage system. In proof-of-concept trials, Sharp succeeded in using a battery pack in a commercially available EV to supply 8 kW of power, intended to be enough to power electrical appliances in an average household. In addition, the charge controller in the Intelligent Power Conditioner delivered 4 kWh of energy to recharge the electric vehicle battery pack in approximately 30 minutes.

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