Straighteners Still Dominating UK Hair Styling Market
Aug 15, 2008
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The UK hair stylers market has experienced a slowdown over the past few years, currently only matching sales of 4.8 million units versus the previous year, according to GfK Retail and Technology. In value terms, the market stands at just over £100 million (approx. US$147 million)- a 2% growth on last year.

Hair Straighteners still dominate the market, the research firm says, occupying 65% value share of the total market. Of the other styler types, it is the Tong and Hot Air Styler markets that have both grown by 29% in value. Both proved to be successful over the Christmas period, GfK says, as they are affordable, versatile products that provide fashion conscious consumers great flexibility over the number of different styles they can achieve with just one product.

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