EU Energy Summit Shows Little Progress Fixing 2020 Shortfall
Feb 11, 2011
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The February 4 European energy summit managed to put some focus on the benefits of energy savings, but appliance industry association CECED, and the other members of the Coalition for Energy Savings, warn that there is still not enough being done to get Europe on track to meet its 20% energy efficiency target for 2020.

Despite EU leaders' acknowledgment that the 2020 goal cannot be reached at current rates, none of the proposed solutions seem to be likely to close the gap. "We need more action now, not a review in one or two years’ time, as the Council proposes," said Erica Hope of Climate Action Network Europe. "A binding target is needed to generate the impetus for measures that will deliver the savings. Reducing energy demand will do far more to improve Europe’s energy security than building more gas pipelines."

"The Council’s highlighting of public sector buildings as front-runners is welcome, but their proposal adds next to nothing to existing commitments," sad Amanda Afifi, Secretary General of EuroACE. "This is just the tip of the iceberg - what we need is a major retro-fitting program for all buildings across the EU. This would bring huge energy savings, and would kick-start our economies, generating millions of new jobs."

The Coalition for Energy Savings is believes that the efficient use of energy along the full supply chain is the most effective and immediate way to tackle the EU's economic, social, and environmental challenges. The coalition is pushing policymakers to adopt binding commitments, supported by the necessary fiscal and financial incentives and instruments aimed at achieving better demand management, rather than its focus on securing and developing the energy supply.

Current European Commission projections show that only 9% savings will be achieved by 2020, or less than half the 20% target.

The Coalition for Energy Savings includes 22 businesses and professional associations such as CECED, the European association for appliance manufacturing.

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