Hitachi Develops Solar-Activated Air-Conditioning
Jan 17, 2011
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Hitachi Plant Technologies developed a Solar Activated Air Conditioning System, using a Hitachi-developed solar energy collector, designed to substantially reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

This system uses thermal energy generated from the solar energy collector to obtain chilled water for air-conditioning.

Key to the system is the Hitachi Plant Technologies-developed high-efficiency, parabola trough-type solar energy collector. The collector tracks the sun automatically with a parabolic reflector, maintaining the position of the fluid-filled heat collector tubing at the focal point of the parabola.

Hitachi Plant Technologies plans to expand marketing activities, targeting local air-conditioning in buildings or district cooling facilities in the "sun belts" of the Mediterranean region, the interior of North America, Western Asia, and Australia. These areas receive a large amount of sunlight. The company expects to increase annual sales to as much as 5 billion yen (approx. US$60 million) by FY2015.

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