Appliance OEM Entekhab Offers Higher Education in Iran
Jan 18, 2011
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Entekhab Group, an Iranian appliance maker and the new parent company of Daewoo Electronics, opened Entekhab University of Applied Science and Technology.

Chairman Mohammad Reza Dayyani said at the inauguration ceremony that applied science training is key to development in advanced societies. But, without a strong relationship between universities and industry, he added, Iranian students graduate with theoretical knowledge that doesn't serve them well in the industrial world.

“The main problem of our economy is sub-economies," Dayyani said. "Based on global standards," he said, there should be "an industrial unit for each 200 persons, but there is an industrial unit for 20 persons in Iran."

Dayyani added, “We have founded Entekhab Group University of Applied Science and Technology in order to make a purposeful relation to scientific institutes, specialist human resources training and utilization of scientific capacities for Iranian youth."

The university launched with 324 students in seven courses, including marketing, business management, industrial accounting, control technology, industrial projection, and welding.

Morteza Hajian, chancellor of the new university, explained that it is organized as a branch of the University of Applied Science and Technology and the Science, Research and Technology Ministry.

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