GE Introduces Tankless Gas Water Heater
Aug 15, 2008
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GE Appliances introduced a new line of tankless gas water heaters that provide a continuous supply of hot water and that use demand-activated technology--they are only activated when you start to use hot water, and immediately de-activates when you are done.

Because of the technology, GE says the water heater could help homeowners save up to 35% annually on water heating costs compared to the operating costs of a standard 75-gallon gas tank water heater.

The tankless system delivers continuous hot water at the precisely heated temperature to every faucet, fixture, or appliance in a home. An electronic digital control allows the homeowner to adjust the hot water temperature at the touch of a button, while the Precise Temp feature keeps water temperature within three degrees (+/-) of the heater's set point.

GE's tankless gas water heaters also fit in small spaces, with a compact footprint (approximately 23-inches in height by 14-inches in width by 10 inches deep; and weighing 50 pounds). They are for indoor and outdoor applications.

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