iRobot Launches Next-Gen Home Robots
Jan 3, 2011
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iRobot Corp., a leading maker of home appliance robots, launched two new-generation home floor care robots today. The Scooba 230 floor washing robot is designed to be small enough to clean in tight spaces and around bathroom fixtures. The Roomba 700 Series is designed to be the smartest and most effective Roomba vacuum cleaning robot.

Both the new robots use a new system of software and sensors to make monitoring checks of the environment 64 times per second and using dozens of behaviors to ensure the entire floor is thoroughly cleaned. The new dirt-centric technology, called iAdapt Responsive Cleaning, is designed to ensure thorough coverage, including under and around furniture, and provide multiple passes over the areas that need it most.

"The launch of Scooba 230 has effectively made one of people’s least favorite household chores, cleaning the bathroom, a whole lot easier,” said Jeff Beck, president of iRobot’s Home Robots division.

Scooba 230 is compact, at 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter, allowing it to easily clean in tight spaces. The robot’s three-stage cleaning system washes, scrubs, and squeegees floors, neutralizing up to 97% of common household bacteria, and the unit holds enough cleaning solution to scrub up to 150 square feet of linoleum, tile, or sealed hardwood floors in a single cleaning session.

Unlike cleaning with a mop and bucket, Scooba only uses clean solution to wash floors - never dirty water. A water management system keeps the cleaning solution and dirty water separate inside the robot. While the robot is cleaning, the active reservoir shrinks in size as cleaning solution is put down on the floor, freeing up space in the robot to hold the dirty water that is picked up.

Scooba uses a series of lights and chimes to let you know it has successfully finished cleaning. The bottom plate of the robot snaps on and off without tools, for quicker and easier rinsing of the scrubbing brushes and squeegee after each use.

The sixth-generation Roomba vacuum robot, the 700 Series, has an updated and improved three-part cleaning system. A new cleaning head improves overall cleaning from previous models, with 20% better pickup of fine particulates. Two HEPA-type air filters keep fine household dust from re-circulating. Dirt Detect Series 2, available on some new 700 Series models, uses an acoustic sensor to detect excessive amounts of small and hard debris, such as sand, and an optical sensor to detect larger and soft debris, such as popcorn. A Persistent Pass Cleaning Pattern focuses the robot's effort on excessively dirty areas. New power management software gives the unit 50% longer battery life than previous generations. Some 700 Series models are equipped with touchpad controls that eliminate buttons.

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