Call For Papers for Electrocoat 2012
Dec 21, 2010
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The Electrocoat Association issued a call for papers for Electrocoat 2012, scheduled for Apr. 11-12, 2012, at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL. Abstracts must be submitted by Feb. 15, 2011.

The objective of the conference is to market the expansion of electrocoat technology through the education of finishing industry personnel and those interested in the technology, both as a coating application and also a primer of choice for many other topcoat finishes.

The conference program will emphasize the efficiencies of electrocoating, from its cost saving advantages through precise film build and transfer efficiency to its environmentally friendly attributes for our industry. It will also contain topics of interest to the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Written papers must be submitted by Jan. 5, 2012, for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. More information is at

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