Europe Sets Binding Efficiency Targets for 2020
Dec 17, 2010
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One Dec. 16, 2010, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a binding agreement mandating a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2020, to be achieved by implementing policies in all economic sectors.

The European Commission said meeting the 20% target could save up to €1000 for every household on energy bills, while the European Union (EU) as a whole could save some €100 billion and reduce emissions by almost 800 million tonnes a year.

The vote on the new energy goals passed by a strong majority - 511 to 64, with 57 abstentions. A smaller majority - 336 to 305 - voted in favor of making the targets binding.

The agreement came about after release of a report by EP Member Bendt Bendtsen.

“Importantly, the Bendtsen Report and the EP decision reflect that without strong policies and a binding target, the potential for energy efficiency would be less than half of the 20 percent reduction target, which is readily achievable with currently available practices and technologies," said Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan.

“We urge the U.S. government to emulate the EP’s initiative,” Callahan added. “All nations must be part of the push for greater energy efficiency, for the good of the global economy and environment.”

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