Survey Reports Top Concerns About Hearth Product Glass
Dec 15, 2010
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Residential hearth products shoppers are primarily concerned with the cleanability, resilience, and temperature range of hearth and stove glass, according to a dealer survey by glass supplier SCHOTT. 200 U.S. hearth and stove dealers responded to the August 2010 survey conducted by SCHOTT North America, manufacturer of ROBAX heat-resistant, transparent glass ceramic used in many fireplaces and stoves.

Common questions dealers receive from customers include:
• How quickly does the glass get dirty and how does the user clean it?
• Will the glass break if it gets hot?
• How hot will the glass get?

Efficiency, safety, and aesthetics are the top three reasons customers purchase ceramic glass hearths, the survey results indicated.

The survey found that three out of four dealers use energy efficiency or green information in their marketing and sales efforts, highlighting the growing importance of eco-friendly home and hearth products in the marketplace. SCHOTT will use the survey results to develop a Dealer Education Program designed to better equip small retailers to maximize their sales on fireplaces and stoves made with its glass.

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