Electrolux Mentoring Domus Academy Masters Students
Nov 11, 2010
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Electrolux is mentoring 10 students in the Masters Program in Product Design at the Milanese Domus Academy in Italy. The students will be asked to provide home kitchen solutions inspired by three elements: the home, sustainability, and culture. The students will be asked to rethink the kitchen and its appliances using the theme “Re-Source."

“To re-source oneself is to re-generate, re-energize, re-mix and re-lax,” said Bruno Lizotte, Design Manager of accounts at Electrolux, “and the appropriate space for this multi-tasking is, more than ever before, the home and its vibrant centre – the kitchen.”

The students need to weave sustainability and culture into their work. Both are seen as increasingly important issues for product design, in the face of dwindling resources, changing consumer habits, lifestyles with more multi-cultural influences, and the consumers' quest for novelty.

Unlike Electrolux's annual Design Lab competition, the Domus students' design concepts must be based on currently available technology, not what might be available in the future. The students will use a mix of material from the Academy and Electrolux.

The students are an international mix from Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Turkey, India, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

The Electrolux Design team is currently participating in a similar project with the Interaction Design Masters Program at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, focusing on user experience.

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