Growing Prepaint Applications in Appliances
Nov 1, 2010
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The National Coil Coating Association told that it sees two areas of particularly strong growth in the use of prepainted metals in appliances: pedestals for front load washers and dryers and fingerprint proof, anti-microbial, and metallic coatings for appliances.

While prepainted metal sales to construction industries have been down, NCCA said it sees renewed demand for prepainted in appliance applications. Many OEMs are turning to prepainted metal to take advantage of new capabilities, such as fingerprint resistance, anti-microbial coatings, and new color and design options. These come in addition to the traditional advantages that come from using prepainted metal, NCCA said. Using prepainted streamlines production and eliminates the EPA compliance requirements that come with having an in-house coating shop. Using prepainted metal can also make it simpler to introduce new product designs as the manufacturer does not have to incorporate painting into new product production scheduling.

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